A week full of news

Lots of things happened this week in Greece, with the Athens Stock Exchange collapse dominating both the news sites and the social media. The stock market in Greece reached the lowest level in the past 25 years, with the greek banks losing 25% of their value in a single day. The battle for reforms continue, as european partners ask for more austerity in the Social Security System and for the implementation of reforms required for the closing of the reform evaluation. In addition, the refugee crisis is getting more and more serious with even the NATO intervening in order to limit the refugee and immigrant inflows to Greece and consequently EU, by sending naval forces to Aegean sea.

On the other hand, the Greek government was focusing on the remodeling of the television channels market by auctioning a specific number of TV channel licenses, a reform that was met with negative reactions from the Opposition. Meanwhile, the farmers increased the blockades and they are also heading to Athens, in order to protest against the government’s measures concerning their taxation and insurance.