Week 1-7/11/2019: Flows

After a period of increased migration flows in Greece and in the Mediterranean, the Government is trying to find the golden mean of managing the situation by dividing the flows into different regions so that they do not exceed 1% of the population in each region. This increase has also triggered the rise of racist […]


Week 7-15/9/2019: 84TH TIF

The 84th TIF (Thessaloniki International Fair) opened last week, which, as is customary, was inaugurated by a speech by the country’s Prime Minister, presenting the Government’s plan for the next year with a focus on taxation. A few days later at his press conference, A. Tsipras criticized the new government, stressing that the ND government […]

ballot time

Week 22-28/7/2019: Ballot time

The election week is here, but the current government and New Democracy did not manage to agree on a date for the party’s established television debate before the ballot time. In a conjuncture that is expected to change the season,  in terms of communication, we are based on pre-electoral spots and autonomous political statements.


Week 10-19/5/2019: Elections fever

The country is going through an intense pre-election period, as the municipal and regional elections, as well as the European elections, will be held next Sunday. The Party leaders are in vain, as the results of these elections will determine the date of the parliamentary elections. The possibility of being the month of the country’s […]


Week 5-11/4/2019: Countdown

  The country is counting down on when the upcoming parliamentary elections will be announced, as they must be notified 20-30 days earlier to make the scenario of election in May real. In this context, the Novartis case is brought back with allegations for bribery against the former PASOK’s Minister of Health, Andreas Loverdos. During […]