The speech of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to U.S Congress, the election of Alexis Tsipras as president of SYRIZA, Sweden and Finland as NATO members and a student suicide due to bulling

The speech of Kyriakos Mitsotakis was very positively received by the US Congress and Alexis Tsipras was elected president of SYRIZA by 150.000 party members who participated in the election. Finland and Sweden signed their NATO membership petition, whereas this prospect triggered Turkey’s negative reaction. Finally, Greeks were shocked by the suicide of a 13-year-old boy who allegedly was bullied at school.

Ο θάνατος από πρόθεση και οι απειλές της Ρωσίας σε μη ‘’φιλικές’’ χώρες

Ραγδαίες είναι οι εξελίξεις στην υπόθεση των τριών κοριτσιών που έφυγαν από τη ζωή διαδοχικά μέσα σε 3 έτη, στην Πάτρα. Ο εντοπισμός κεταμίνης στη μικρή Τζωρτζίνα οδήγησε στη σύλληψη της 33χρονής μητέρας των κοριτσιών ως θάνατος από πρόθεση.
Ο πόλεμος Ουκρανίας-Ρωσίας συνεχίζεται με την Ρωσία να απειλεί τις χώρες που δεν ήταν υποστηρικτές της με κυρώσεις στις εξαγωγές τροφίμων και ενέργειας.

Winter is here

The temperature drop is evident, Carmel approaches Greece bringing extremely bad weather conditions. Omicron has already knocked on our doors and we are afraid that it will prevent children from singing Christmas carols. New measures for travelers who need a negative PCR to enter Greece and finally on the political scene, a clear victory for Nikos Androulakis as the PASOK/KINA leader took place.

Vaccination of children 5-11, PASOK/KINAL elections and new femicides

The vaccination platform for kids between 5-11 years old has opened while the number of cases is 5,530. In the political scene, the 1st round of the elections of KINAL ended with Nikos Androulakis and George Papandreou as winners, while the second round will be held on Sunday. Last but not least, today was recorded the 16th femicide of a young mother of 3 children in Alexandroupoli.

The first week of December is preparing us for difficult Christmas

The Omicron arrived in Greece, the government announced new measures imposing a fine on 60+ unvaccinated people and all Europe discusses whether vaccination should be obligatory.  In politics, KINAL’s TV broadcasted debate that reached a viewership average rate of 8%, took place with George Papandreou being absent. Finally, another femicide was recorded in Salonica.

30 days before Christmas

The Christmas period has already started, Black Friday offers are on air, Greeks protest for the violence against women, the covid-19 cases remain very high, the participation in the vaccination program seems to increase and the dynamics of the political parties change due to the KINAL/PASOK (the center-left Movement for Change) elections to come.