qed Omnibus is a syndicated survey, that operates like a “bus” in which you can book your own private seat…By using it you can cover any distance you want (smaller or bigger sample) for as long as you want (1-4 weeks) at the price of a simple bus ticket.”

  • Face-to-Face household interviews, which are conducted with the use of laptops (CAPI) giving the opportunity of a more visually driven interview (logos, packages, ads etc) and thus of more focused consumer answers
  • Structured ad-hoc questionnaire, open and close ended questions, fully adjusted to your needs.
  • Nationwide sample, representative of urban population
  • Option to choose sample size n= 500/ 1000/ 1500/ 2000


1st week
2nd week
3rd week
4th week
Total (monthly)
500 people
500 people
500 people
500 people
2000 people
  • Lower cost compared to ad-hoc f2f surveys due to economies of scale
  • Various options of sample selection e.g. sex, age etc.
  • Possibility to participate up to three times a year (waves of March, June, October)


How to participate
Ticket value