A 20 year old child with a “Kalashnikov”

by Anna Askaridou

The “18-24” favorite age group picked up the Kalashnikov and shoots famous branded shop windows, which until yesterday used to be admired and adored. The “18-24” age group abandons the huge venues of big clubs and hangs out in alternative, tiny and cozy bars in the city center.

The “18-24” age group, so suddenly shifts from a total extroversion, vividness, brightness and carelessness into an introvert and dark way of life. It seeks its lost insecurity, it sighs for the years of childish recklessness, it explores paths of diversity and it looks for ways out from the imprisonment of the image. But most certainly, it surprises with its unexpected transformation. Who knows what a 20 year old child has in its mind the moment he/she raises a Kalashnikov to shoot?