Week 26-29/4/2021: Easter Statistics

covid Easter

On 28/4 the new covid cases rose up to 2.781, the first-shot vaccinations up to 2.137.872, the willingness of the age group 30-39 to vaccinate was truly encouraging and finally only 38% of the Greeks said that they will go to church on Saturday night.

Week 19-23/4/2021: Easter celebrations in the countryside: DECLINED

Earlier than expected adults between 30-39 y.o will be able to get vaccinated starting on Holy Wednesday the 28th of April. Their participation in the vaccination holds the key to the pandemic’s controlling. Up to 22-4-2021, first-shot vaccinations rose to a total of 1.973.261, whereas the second-shot ones up to 791.851. Meanwhile, as the viral load in Attica region has increased significantly, leading to strong concerns regarding the personal interactions, it has been decided to prohibit movements  amongst the different regions during Easter period. Police will be controlling highroads with roadblocks and drones.

Week 13-20/04/2020 – Easter amid the pandemic


This Easter was different for the Greeks since the celebrations took place amid the coronavirus pandemic. What is more, the lockdown measures got much stricker during the past week. All the citizens, though, exhibited discipline and there were very few violations of the measures. The traditional celebrations that always brought together friends and members of the extended family as well as the packed churches were replaced by small home gatherings and live streaming of church services.