The increase in cases brings new measures and the approval of a new drug

The spreading of coronavirus has considerably increased and the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) has announced a new negative record of cases (6.808 on 4/11). Thus, the government announced new measures for people who have not been vaccinated and on 5/11 they opened the platform for the 3rd dose for people 18+ who have been vaccinated with the Johnson vaccine. England on the other hand, authorized the use of a new drug developed by Merck and hopefully, we soon expect it in Greece.

National mourning, 28 October anniversary, pandemic, winter time

Wednesday (27/11) was declared a national mourning day for the death of Fofi Gennimata (MP and leader of the center-left Movement for Change/KINAL). On Thursday, the National holiday, 28 October anniversary, was celebrated under sunny weather but without student parades due to pandemic. The covid-19 cases seem to follow an upcoming trend with Thessaloniki surpassing the cases of Attica. As for our everyday life habits, the small restricted traffic ring is back in Athens and while we were waiting for the summer time to remain unchanged throughout the year, winter is here and we still have to turn our clocks back an hour.

The 4th Covid wave, human statements, and political announcements in the center-left

The 4th wave of the pandemic has started and the increase in cases and admissions to the hospitals is evident. With a brave and touching statement both Dora Bakogianni (MP) and Fofi Gennimata (MP and leader of the center-left party-KINAL), announced their cancer-related health problems. On the other hand, SYRIZA announces it congress and George Papandreou (ex-PM) his participation in the electoral race amongst six candidates for the party leader position of KINAL.

Week 1-7/12 in pictures: Efforts for a smooth path for Greece


The president of Turkey R.T. Erdogan is visiting Greece in the context of smoothing the countries’ relations. After a series of statements regarding various issues that lie between Greece and Turkey it remains to be seen whether this visit accomplished its mission.


The closing of the third programme evaluation is in a very smooth path after the approval of the technical agreement, a path that significantly differs from the delays and the drama of the two previous ones.