Week 19-23/4/2021: Easter celebrations in the countryside: DECLINED

Earlier than expected adults between 30-39 y.o will be able to get vaccinated starting on Holy Wednesday the 28th of April. Their participation in the vaccination holds the key to the pandemic’s controlling. Up to 22-4-2021, first-shot vaccinations rose to a total of 1.973.261, whereas the second-shot ones up to 791.851. Meanwhile, as the viral load in Attica region has increased significantly, leading to strong concerns regarding the personal interactions, it has been decided to prohibit movements  amongst the different regions during Easter period. Police will be controlling highroads with roadblocks and drones.

Week 29/3-2/4/2021: Paradoxes in Greece have become a thing…


Even though we’re already in April, winter is still around with rains and low temperatures all over the country. Meanwhile, in spite of the pandemic cases going upwards, a slackening to the measures is about to start with a gradual opening of the retail and schools.

Week 7/12/2020-13/12/2020: Partial relaxation of the lockdown



A partial relaxation of the lockdown measures was announced this week. Consumers will now be allowed to purchase from seasonal stores selling christmas items and bookstores and to visit hair salons. The rest of the retail sector is expected to restart operating only with click away service. Although the situation of the pandemic is not the most desirable and the number of new daily cases remain larger than a thousand, there is great pressure for the businesses to work during the holiday season.

Week 21/09/2020 – 27/09/2020: Self protection or lockdown


“No to a new lockdown” said the Prime Minister, K. Mitsotakis in a televised address to the nation last week. Despite the fact that the total number of infections in the country has almost reached 17,000, there is the hope that measures already taken will help stabilize the situation and release the pressure from the health care system. In PM’s words, the dilemma right now is “self protection or lockdown”.

16-22/03/2020: Lockdown in the country


On Sunday evening, Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis announced the imposition of lockdown to Greece. The only reasons someone is now allowed to move outside his/her home is to buy necessities or drugs, or to commute to a workplace. This decision came after the sad fact that many citizens ignored the directions that were given in the past few days. This time the fine for those who break the rules will be 150 Euros.