The increase in cases brings new measures and the approval of a new drug

The spreading of coronavirus has considerably increased and the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) has announced a new negative record of cases (6.808 on 4/11). Thus, the government announced new measures for people who have not been vaccinated and on 5/11 they opened the platform for the 3rd dose for people 18+ who have been vaccinated with the Johnson vaccine. England on the other hand, authorized the use of a new drug developed by Merck and hopefully, we soon expect it in Greece.

Week 19/10/2020-25/10/2020: New and stricter measures


New and stricter measures against covid have been in place since Saturday. In all areas that are highly impacted from the virus, mask wearing is mandatory everywhere and there is curfew in place between midnight and 5am. This is the government’s response to the significant increase in cases that are recorded every day; Greece now counts more cases than any other time during the pandemic. Similarly to other countries, the bulk of the cases are among citizens aged 18 to 40.