National mourning, 28 October anniversary, pandemic, winter time

Wednesday (27/11) was declared a national mourning day for the death of Fofi Gennimata (MP and leader of the center-left Movement for Change/KINAL). On Thursday, the National holiday, 28 October anniversary, was celebrated under sunny weather but without student parades due to pandemic. The covid-19 cases seem to follow an upcoming trend with Thessaloniki surpassing the cases of Attica. As for our everyday life habits, the small restricted traffic ring is back in Athens and while we were waiting for the summer time to remain unchanged throughout the year, winter is here and we still have to turn our clocks back an hour.

Week 30/11/2020-6/12/2020: The situation of the pandemic in the country


The situation of the pandemic in Greece is still critical while everyone is talking about a partial return to some normalcy for some parts of the social life. The  daily number of new cases and deaths is high but stable, and some retail shops are expecting to open again ahead of the holiday season. Of course, there is a great fear of a new increase in the number of cases.