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13-26/5/2017 in pictures

A new set of measures and reforms -a new MoU according to some- was voted by the Greek parliament in order to complete the second program evaluation. The EWG of the 22nd of May did not reached in any conclusions regarding neither the closing of the evaluation nor the issue of the national debt. It […]

Week 8-12/5 in pictures

After a period of high uncertainty regarding the closing of the second program evaluation, we are now waiting the voting of the required measures by the Greek Parliament. While the French elections, the new President and First Lady of France monopolise the Greek media, our “neighborhood”, the Balkans are a powder keg waiting to blow.

Week 1-5/5 in pictures

The closing of the second programme evaluation seems to be a done deal, since the greek government and the Institutions have agreed to the measures to be implemented for the next 2 years. The reform that is currently causing the most and most intense frictions is the decision regarding the opening of the stores on […]