The new-bar

by Malvina Corpi

Walls made of concrete and some dusty LP covers from the 70’s, probably recently bought from the 7+7 store on Ifestou str., decorative new-antics, retro rusty metal chairs (I saw them packed in hundreds in a store on Varis-Koropiou avenue the other day), working benches and coffee tables, a self made stage made of old-fashioned wood that could host a live amateur rock band, imported beer and cocktails, served in a jar of Bon Mamma marmalade and a down town attitude, even in the suburbs. It looks as if this bar has been here for ages and has experienced a lot, but it just opened a couple of months ago.

Hipster advertisers and social media experts with iBook, iPad, iPod and iPhone after work are brainstorming in the working bench, which they share with a couple of 45 year-old girlfriends drinking white wine and discussing about something out loud. A student couple is one allover the other and a guy shows devotion to his book for hours.

Two pretty girls, dressed in white, offer you to try a rare kind of gin with a difficult name in a shot glass made of cucumber. If you order it in a drink, you win something. The 3 bartenders and some locals are cultivating a mustache supporting the Movember movement. Tom Selleck is the new fashion icon – but so is Kolokotronis.

The celebration of the new-retro, the new hip authentic hang out bar that spreads as fast as frozen yogurt in a city which just demonized the glamorous lifestyle and quickly discovers the all sharing community in a place made out of borrowed experiences.

I liked it. In this place I felt good, warm, familiar, myself.