Week 1-7/7/2016 in pictures


We are in the middle of the summer and Greek people are making small “escape trips” in order to enjoy the sun and the sea and go away from their problems for a while.


However, this does not apply for the TV channels’ owners who must now compete in order to obtain the necessary licence in order to be able to broadcast his channel’s programme. There are 11 applications for 4 licences; therefore it is going to be a challenging procedure.


This summer is going to be quite difficult also for the employees of JetOil, another firm that declared bankruptcy. JetOil was one of many firms that are constantly in the grey zone between survival and elimination during the last years; however it did not manage to overcome its financial issues.

Åðßóêåøç ôïõ ðñùèõðïõñãïý ÁëÝîç Ôóßðñá óôï Óéíéêü Ôåß÷ïò. (EUROKINISSI/ÃÑÁÖÅÉÏ ÔÕÐÏÕ ÐÑÙÈÕÐÏÕÑÃÏÕ/ANDREA BONETTI)

On the other hand, the Greek PM, A.Tsipras has visited China in order to encourage investment to Greece. A visit that has caused various comments (especially about the dress code of Mr. Tsipras wife and of the Minister of Foreign Affairs chose) and whose benefits are to be seen in the future.