Week 10-16 June 2016 in pictures

Athens Pride

This year’s Athens Pride was the first one after the extended cohabitation agreement was passed. This year members of the LGBTQI community are mainly asking for the legal recognition of the sex identity, something they tried to promote through a TV spot which unfortunately was not approved by the Greek national broadcasting board.

Κίνημα Παραιτηθείτε

But they were not the only ones asking for something from the Greek Government. A movement called “Paraititheite” (quit), was formed a couple of weeks ago, demanding from the Greek Government to quit and that elections take place. The movement culminated its progress with a rally outside the Greek Parliament.


After months of discussions and disputes the new development policy law was finally voted. The fact that it addresses mainly small and medium enterprises differentiates it from the other similar laws, however it is highly questioned whether the funds available for the realisation of this policy are sufficient to counterbalance the disinvestment of the last years (spoiler alert: they are not).


Apart from the development policy law another tax law was voted, a law that adds another tax burden to the Greek citizens, since it provides another increase to ENFIA, the residence tax people have been paying during the last years.