Week 10-16/9/2016 in pictures


The negotiations between the Greek government and the Institutions for the second part of the first instalment have begun with Greece not having implemented all the reforms required and having significantly increased its public expenditure, an issue that will trigger tensions during the procedure.


The first post-Brexit EU Summit (though inofficial) has begun in Bratislava, during a period where the EU seems to have lost its path. This summit is of major importance for Greece since the refugee crisis, as well as Brexit and terrorism are the main focus of the Summit.


There are still many issues to be solved before saying that the TV licensing procedure is finally over. While we are waiting the decision of the Council of State on the objections about the TV licenses, there seem to be problems concerning the payment of the licenses. On the other hand, TV channels decided to get a small “revenge” by not showing the PM’s speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair.