Week 14-20/10/2016 in pictures


For another week the TV licenses issue is the most displayed in the news.

The objections regarding the TV licenses auction, which was designed by the Greek government, have been moved up to the Council of State, which, in turn, decided that it will examine whether the law concerning the TV channels’ market and the appointed procedure is according to the Constitution or not.


The second party congress of the government’s was completed, with the Greek PM, A.Tsipras’ reelection for the party’s leadership. Mr Tsipras also stated that the next three months are going to be difficult for Greece, as it is going to face various challenges.


Speaking about challenges, the Greek NSI announced that it readjusted downwards its predictions for the recession. This readjustment results from the reduction of both the consumption and the production, as well as from the decreasing investment and exports.