Week 14-20/5/2016 in pictures


The Greek parliament is to vote by Sunday a significant number of laws concerning mainly taxation and privatisations. The passage of those bills will enforce the positive expectations that the closing of the programme evaluation will take place on the Eurogroup of the 24rth of May and that a serious debate concerning the Greek debt will actually begin.



The starting ceremony for the construction of TAP, the pipeline that will supply european countries with gas from Azerbaijan took place. A very ambitious as well as important project that will create a significant number of jobs and will also contribute to the effort of Greece to return to the path of economic growth.



Speaking about jobs the Panhellenic Examinations started this week, a stressful but really important procedure for thousands of students that will largely determine their professional future.



Unfortunately our week did not happily end, since an EgyptAir aircraft with 56 passengers and a crew of 10 people crashed somewhere between the Aegean Sea and the egyptian FIR. There is not yet any specific information about the causes of the crash; however that now has little importance for the families of the victims.