Week 16-23/09/2016


The change of the Board of Directors of Attica Bank faced a lot of issues, since there was a major disagreement between the government and the Director of Bank of Greece. Finally, after a lot of strains a new Board was chosen.


A scandal seems to come to surface, a scandal involving one of the holders of the TV channels licence. There are claims that he has taken a number of loans during the last couple of years, loans that it seems he is not eligible for. If those claims are proven correct, then he will probably lose his licence.


The Greek PM, A.Tsipras has visited the USA mainly to speak at the UN about the refugee crisis and to have discussions about the national debt. It remains to be seen whether the contacts the Greek PM has made will be of any help for the issues that Greece is currently facing.


A series of new laws have been put to be voted on Tuesday. Those laws concern the reforms that need to be implemented in order for the 2.8 bil euros installment to be unblocked. The laws concern the public companies that will be included in the “HyperFund”, changes in the electricity market and increases in social security contributions for a number of professions.