Week 20-27/5/2016 in pictures


Having all eyes focused on it, the Greek parliament voted a number of laws, for which the term “multilaw” was used and which included laws concerning taxation, the creation of a “Superfund”, an institution responsible for privatisation of public property as well as the “automatic budget cuts” that will occur unless Greece meets the financial targets agreed.


Having voted the “multilaw”, the Greek government went to Eurogroup, where all the parties were quite positive that there is going to be an agreement with both the Greek government and the IMF concerning both the programme evaluation as well as the Greek debt. However, no actual decisions were taken; therefore Greece is in a standby mode awaiting the results of the referendum about Brexit, as well as those of the elections in Germany and Spain.


Meanwhile, the Greek PM visited Istanbul for the World Humanitarian UN Summit, where he also met with the president of Turkey, Mr Erdogan. The content of the meeting was about the agreement between the EU and Turkey about the management of the refugee flows, an issue that majorly concerns Greece.


And our week is closing with Greece, in supreme safety mode, welcoming the president of Russia, Mr Putin. Mr Putin is coming to Greece in order to discuss with the Greek PM about various issues concerning the cooperation between the two countries.