Week 24-30.6.2016 in pictures


In the wake of Brexit, the EU and Greece are trying to figure out what is next. The impact is still to be seen both in the economic as well as the political aspects of the EU and it concerns all its members, especially countries like Greece which are in a more vulnerable state.


Meanwhile the Greek government intents to make an important reform in the electoral process, changing the deputies’ distribution regime from enhanced proportionate to just proportionate, abolishing the seat bonus given to the party that wins the elections.


A big shock has shaken the greek retail market, since one of the biggest Super Market chains, Marinopoulos has declared bankruptcy, leaving more than 13.000 people unemployed and thousands of supplies in a state of complete uncertainty. It is yet to be seen whether a solution is found, however it seems that there are a number entities interested in investing in Marinopoulos.


The agreement between the Greek government and Cosco concerning the sale of the Piraeus port was almost blown to pieces, since terms of the contract were unilaterally changed by the Greek government without notifying Cosco. The firm strongly reacted sending the greek government a letter which was also disclosed to international media. The contract changes were taken back and the Greek PM A.Tsipras will try to smooth things during his imminent visit to China.