Week 28/4-5/5 in pictures


More and more people were leaving, especially from Athens in order to enjoy the Orthodox Easter celebrations and to temporarily escape the issues preoccupying them.

Óôéãìéüôõðï áðü ôçí Ýêôáêôç óýíïäï ôïõ Eurogroup óôéò ÂñõîÝëëåò ôçí ÔåôÜñôç 11 Öåâñïõáñßïõ 2015. (EUROKINISSI/ÅÕÑÙÐÁÚÊÇ ÅÍÙÓÇ)

Greece is in a wait-and-see mode expecting the results of the Eurogroup of the 9th of May.


Meanwhile, the greek parliament has voted on tax and pension reforms that resulted in increased taxation for both employees and self-employed.


Those reforms triggered massive protestations with thousands of people demanding that a stop is put to the over-taxation of the Greek citizens.


In addition, the refugee crisis remains a significant issue, although its presence in the media has been reduced. The bad weather conditions worsened the already bad living conditions in Idomeni, where more than 10.000 people remain hoping for the opening of the borders.


On the other hand, the removal of Ahmet Davutoglu from the Prime Minister post puts the agreement between Turkey and the EU concerning the management of the refugee and immigrant flows in jeopardy.